Friday, October 15, 2004

Delight and sadness

I suspect many Liberal Democrats will have had mixed feelings yesterday. In one batch of emails came the delightful news that Sarah Kennedy is expecting her first child and the sad news that Conrad Russell has passed away.

I am delighted for Sarah and Charles. I understand that the baby is expected in April, which is interesting timing given the likely general election date. I hope all goes well for them.

I am very sad that we have lost Conrad. I can't claim to have known him personally but I have had several chats with him over the years. He did a visit to support my campaign in Wantage at the last election and I often chatted to him at by-elections and conferences.

He was immensly engaging, very, very clever, very amusing and a true liberal.

My party, and politics in general, will be worse off without him.

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