Tuesday, October 31, 2006

"the wrong signal"

According to Margaret Beckett having an inquiry into the Government's decision to invade Iraq will send 'the wrong signal'.

What a pathetic argument from a pathetic Government.

The signal it would send is that our Parliament realises that mistakes were made and that they want to find out how and why.

To me this is a pretty good message to send to our troops who know full well that they were sent for the worng reasons and are probably quite keen to see their political masters held to account.

And given our Government's stated aim of helping to establish a stable democracy in Iraq, what better way to help do so than demonstrate how accountability works in a mature democracy?

If that is the best argument the Government can come up with they deserve to be taken to pieces.

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Ian Ridley said...

Makes my blood boil. We can't investigate why we went to war whilst the war is still going on. Didn't stop Parliament debating the Norway campaign in 1940.

I've got very little regard for Labour MPs who want an enquiry but won;t vote for one tonight because the Nats are leading the debate. What's more important: party politics or stopping another debacle like Iraq happening again?