Friday, December 01, 2006

More h-tunes

Just listening to the latest h concert downlaoded from his nifty 'h-tunes' website.

This gig was recorded in Liverpool's Cavern Club on 1st March this year.

Just h and his piano singing a mix of his solo and marillion songs as well as a large selection of covers including beautiful vesrions of Wichita Lineman (his Dad's favourite song), Famous Blue Raincoat, Too Late and The Whole of the Moon.

h is clearly enjoying himself and sounds delighted to be performing at the home of The Beatles. He also covers Beatles numbers Help, Yesterday and Eleanor Rigby.

I never cease to be impressed by h's vocal ability. I can't wait for the London gig to be available. I had a front row seat at that one.

The other thing with these gigs is that all the between song chats are included - including one or two lengthy stories and bits of his life story.

Great stuff.

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Lucy Fir said...

I did not know you liked Steps!