Sunday, May 06, 2007

Weekly bin collections - A phyrric victory?

Like many other places the local Tories here wer delivering leaflets on polling day which said 'Vote Conservative to save weekly bin collections'.

These may have had more impact if there was the slightest hint that the current Lib Dem administration had any plans to ditch weekly bin collections.

If the Tories have won seats and councils on the back of this campaign I do wonder if it will come back to bite them.

The first council in Oxfordshire to move to fortnightly collections was Tory run Cherwell. It appears to have been popular and has had a positive effcect on recycling rates.

Lib Dem run Oxford has now followed suit and, despite a bit of noise in the local press, the scheme seems to be settling in well and largely popular.

I do wonder how these new Tory administrations are going to manage. They all have tough recycling targets to hit and will pay a steadily rising cost for landfill. They won't be able to aford the extra costs of recycling AND weekely collections of residual rubbish and won't be popular when they have to cut other services as a result.

I hope they thought it through!

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David Rundle said...

It might not be phyrric, but I could see how it might be Pyrrhic...
In the part of Oxford I represent, improving recycling -- which can only be achieved through alternating collections between residual waste and other rubbish -- is proving highly popular. And, in my household, it's certainly a hit!