Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Will the real David Cameron please step forward

'Dave' seems a might confused.

Writing in The Daily Mail on December 8th he said:

"Work gives life shape. It gives people esteem and responsibility. It powers our economy. So we’re going to end the something-for-nothing culture. If you don’t take a reasonable offer of a job, you will lose benefits. No ifs, no buts."

But speaking earlier he said that it was 'not right' for the government to expect the mothers of pre-school children to be forced into work.

That sounds like quite a big 'but' to me.

Of course the more important point is that forcing single mothers of pre-school or primary school aged children into work by threatening to take their benefits away will do little to 'heal our broken society'.

Treating people with a bit of dignity might be a good start though.

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