Monday, June 08, 2009

I lost (boo), Catherine won (hurrah) and a very funny you tube clip

Well after the disappointment of my own result on Thursday (missed out again, this time by under 100 votes due to protest votes going Green) I am delighted to see that my long time friend and colleague Catherine Bearder has finally achieved her ambition of becoming an MEP.

To celebrate, here is the funniest thing I've seen on YouTube recently:


Duncan Borrowman said...

Really sorry to hear that you missed out

Anonymous said...

Loved the video.
I voted for you :)


Anonymous said...

on a happier note that youtube clip is one of many similar - search youtube for "literal video version"

Liberal Neil said...

Duncan - thanks - will live to fight another day etc.

Freakie - thanks - I appreciated your vote above all the others. And thanks for working so hard on the day.

You tube - yes - but some of them are rubbish!

Niles said...

That is a specially good literal video of the aha song - - you must have seen it alrady.

Good for Catherine. SHame about yoU!