Friday, September 10, 2004

Apologies for the delay

Just as I was getting started with the blog I hit a busy patch with holidays and the like.

I've got a busy weekend too - a 'General Election Summit' with many of the party's MPs, candidates and movers and shakers. The mood in the party is very positive at present so it should be a good event.

Next week is a bit quieter so I hope to post about a few things to catch up including the Cropredy Festival and the Leeds Festival.

Anders Hanson wins the prize for being the first person I know to spot my blog - I don't plan on advertsisig it widely until I have learnt the ropes. When I work out how to do the links and stuff Anders will be top of my list. (Despite our musical differences ;-))


Peter Black said...

I have you on my links as well Neil.

Liberal Neil said...

Thank you Peter.