Thursday, September 23, 2004


All my best intentions of actually blogging from Lib Dem Conference came to nought -just too busy!

The Conference was very positive and it was great to see so many friends from round the country again.

The mood was bouyant but serious. I sense that Lib Dem activists know that we are close to a breakthrough, but that we need to remain focussed on getting our message across, rather than get carried away.

Most of my conference was spent doing the things that don't get onto TV - loads of training sessions and meetings with key seat campaign teams, regional officers and other staff.

It is clear that we are currently doing more effective campaigning in more seats than ever before. In seats ranging from Watford to Folkestone, Maidenhead to Taunton, Westmorland to Cambridge, we have first rate candidates and strong campaign teams working their socks off to win support. And the polls reflect that it is working.

On a personal note it is great to see so many of the people I have campaigned with over the years in student politics and rouns the country, doing so well.

The Sunday Rally, with Chris Rennard, Charles and a host of recent election winners, got conference off to a great start. Hartlepool candidate Jody Dunn won loads of support yestrday. And Charles finisehd things off with a coherent and workmanlike speech today.

The party leaves Bournemouth knowing there is still a lot of work to do - but keen to get on and do it.

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