Monday, December 26, 2005

Tennant Triumphs

Well after sitting round waiting all day for it I thought David Tennant's debut as the Doctor was 'fantastic'. He appeared to pick up the role and run with it from the off. Billie Piper was as good as ever and I thought the storyline in this episode was good and fitted the one hour spcial well.

There were just enough Christmassy elements to make it festive without getting in the way of the plot. And there was plenty of humour too - pulling out Tennant's Casanova costume in the wardrobe, the 'very Arthur Dent' comment and the Star Wars references all raised a chuckle with me.

And the final twist in the story was brilliant too, and could lead to some very interesting developments along with the forthcoming Torchwood series. Seemed to me to be quite a big hit at Thatcher's attack on the Belgrano and Blair's weakening as PM in one short scene.

And then the trailer ... Sarah Jane Smith, Cyberman and K9! What more could a small boy want for Christmas?


Disillusioned kid said...

I hadn't picked up on the Belgrano parallels, I assumed it was a hint at the concept of "pre-emptive war". They're not a threat now, but they could (will?) be at some undetermined point in the future etc.

Tennant was awesome though. Saving the world with a satsuma. Whoda thunk it?

Duncan Borrowman said...

What more could a boy want... Sarah Jane was the Doctor's assistant from when I was 14 to 17... now coming back at 45. Thank god boys never grow up (or so I'm told).

Duncan B

DanProject76 said...

I feel like I am 12 again after that episode, and especially the next season trailer.

This is not a bad thing!