Monday, September 17, 2007

Day 3 in the Quality Hotel

Another training session delivered - this time in the sub-tropical temperature of the Chestnut Room here in my base for conference The Quality Hotel (also known as The Irony). The air conditioning has apparently broken down which means we are training in very warm rooms over very noisy fans. Surprisingy the trainees did not fall asleep despite the heat and the best efforts of the trainers ;-)

Today also included several more meetings with key seats and a useful meeting with Regional Executive members to do some early planning for the South East European election campaign.

This evening I chatted to folk at the East of England and South East/South Central Regional Receptions as well as briefing several of our regional journalists.

Then it was off for a very pleasant curry at River Spice with Steve Goddard, our candidate in the highly marginal Oxford East constituency.

(Apparantly there is a conference centre nearby too!)

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