Sunday, April 11, 2010

This says it all really ...

From my good friend Nich.

About the Tory policy which is an insult to married people.

And to quite a lot of unmarried people to.

Well done Nich.


Anonymous said...

In what way insulting to married people? In that it equates a husband and wife to two homosexuals in a "civil partnership"? Is that what you meant?

Liberal Neil said...

No - I mean the assumption that a bribe of a few hundred quid will somehow affect the level of commitment my wife and I have to each other.

If gay couples are as committed to each other as my wife and I are to each other then that's fine by me.

Anonymous said...

Odd that you describe it as a "bribe". I suppose I could describe any of the promises in the Lib Dem manifesto intended to put money in people's pockets as a "bribe" too. Anyway, I'll leave the Tories to defend themselves.

Interesting that you talk about homosexual couples' being committed to each other. But to what purpose?

Liberal Neil said...

The gay couples I know who have been married in civil partnerships appear to have done so because they love each other, want to make a commitment to each other and want to demonstrate that commitment.

Pretty much the same as why straight people get married.