Friday, April 09, 2010

Time to kebab Lord Adonis

Back when Lord Adonis was an Alliance councillor in north Oxford he was nicknamed 'kebab' having fought his election on the basis of defending a threat to the city's kebab vans.

For this campaign I am grateful, if not for much he has said and done since.

I suppose it is good news that he apparently believes that there is not much to choose between Labour and the Lib Dems policy wise.

Personally I don't agree with him, but if he and other Labour types do believe that then there is a simple solution, and one with more chance of success than his proposals.

If every Labour supporter, from Lord Adonis down, votes Lib Dem, we will definitely beat the Tories the length and breadth of Britain. We will be in a position to implement our policies (which the good Lord broadly supports) and there will be no risk of the boy George getting his hands on the economy.



neil craig said...

Do you mean this literally?

Since you are a member of a racist party who actively participate in the sexual enslavement of children & the disection of living human beings (albeit of what you consider subhuman races) I assume you do.

Unknown said...

Nice way of looking at it! No way they would though as Labour types don't really get how we respect and celebrate that people are individuals not one amorphous blob.