Sunday, October 19, 2008

Obama really is a fantastic speaker (and a personal link)

Surfing various American websites I realised that an Obama rally was about to be shown live which I am now watching.

He is speaking to a massive crowd in Kansas City, Missouri, and, after a relaxed start about the local sports teams, he is now in full flow on health care and the economy.

He has just been talking about health and his mother. I hadn't picked up that she had died of Ovarian Cancer at the age of 53, a year before my own Mum died of the same illness at the same age.

I am struck by the conviction with which Obama speaks, and the ease with which he mixes his personal story, real life examples, policy, philosophy and political rhetoric.

He has just built to a crescendo and finished and crowd has gone wild - rock start style.

He really is a fantastic speaker and is clearly attracting massive crowds, even in places the Democrats wouldn't have dreamt of winning just a year ago.

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mikemathew said...

Obama today ridiculed recent suggestions by Hillary Clinton and her top supporters that he might make a good running mate as part of a so-called Democratic dream team for the general election. Obama, arguing that Clinton's campaign was trying to "hoodwink" voters into casting ballots for her, said it made no sense for the New York senator and her backers, after weeks of trying to portray him as unprepared to be commander-in-chief, to suddenly be talking him up for a role that would put him one heartbeat away from the presidency.