Sunday, October 05, 2008

"They're like, 'Who's Springsteen?' "

Being a bit of a fan of The Boss I much enjoyed reading this account of the first of three rallies he is holding for Obama.

I tend to agree with Daniel Pearlman (quoted towards the end of the article) that Thunder Road is just about the best song ever. (Well that, Atlantic City, Born to Run and The River)

But I really was amused at the idea that some youngsters were bribed to attend a Springsteen gig on the promise that they might get to see Obama!

Given that it's unlikey that we'll see the great man doing a benefit gig for the Lib Dems in the near future, here's something to console you:


Julian H said...

Did you attend the gig at our beautiful Wengerdome earlier this year, Neil?

Liberal Neil said...

I last saw The Boss at Crystal Palace - I think it was on the Rising tour.

Brilliant gig.