Saturday, October 18, 2008

Thank You South Central

I spent today at South Central Conference in the excellent Town Council run Oakwood Centre in the middle of Woodley.

The Conference was buzzing and was the usual mix of debates, speeches, training, fringe and exhibition.

As ever it was full of familiar faces as well as some new ones.

The turnout was high - presumably because Nick Clegg was going to speak at the end of the afternoon. When he spoke many of us had to watch his speech on the screen in the cafe as the auditorium was full.

I was there to do two briefing sessions on plans for the European Campaign as well as to do ten minutes promoting Nick Clegg's Million Door Challenge in the main hall.

I was somewhat taken aback when, having done my presentation I was asked to 'hang on a minute' and was presented with a very amusing 'Focus on Fawcett' (featuring a set of those embarrasing photos that usually turn up on your wedding day) and a rather nifty HMV voucher along with some kind words from Regional Chair Steve Sollit about my work for the Region for the past ten years.

I was a little stunned and gabbled out a few words of thanks which I hope made some sense to the audience.

It has been a great ten years working in the region (which used to be Hampshire and Chilterns) and working with so many activists, many of whom I now consider friends, and it was with some sadness that I decided to drop back to a more local and less stressful role.

But I am very appreciative for the gifts, and for all the kind words I received from so many people today.

Thank you.

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