Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ming gets it wrong, wrong, wrong

I've been watching through some of the coverage of Party Conference on the bbc iplayer* and have just happened upon an argument between Ming Campbell and Evan Harris on Tuesday's Daily Politics. (It' about 30 minutes in, after Nick Parsons).

Ming is talking complete rubbish.

It is clearly true that sometimes Leaders have to react to events.

But is equally clear that Nick Clegg's comments about whether or not the abolition Tuition Fees will be in the manifesto is not something that has just cropped up - it was fully discussed just a few weeks ago in Federal Policy Committee and the Fresh Start paper reflects the settled view of that committee.

Ming's attitude in this interview highlights why he lost support so rapidly when he was our leader and demonstrates an unfortunate tendency of some of our leaders - that they expect loyalty from the party without realising that loyalty runs both ways.

I hope that Nick Clegg will come to realise that what can, I'm sure, sometimes feel like a frustrating democratic process within our party, is, in fact, a great strength.

I also hope he won't be listening too much to former leaders like Ming.

*(although not my speech in the Fresh Start debate as that seems to have been lost)


Theo Butt Philip said...

For someone in Ming’s position to describe the actions of those of us who seek to remind the leadership of the democratic nature of our party (something we’re always oh so proud to use as a selling point, “look at us aren’t we democratic, the other parties aren’t”) as “unhelpful” is, well, unhelpful.

Theo Butt Philip said...

Oh, I've just watched some more, my favourite quote comes from Tim Razzle, "I think it's very unhelpful as Andrew Neil said". If you're agreeing with Andrew Neil there's a very good chance you're talking nonsense.

Liberal Neil said...

Yes. Razzle's comments were just as bad, but at least he never got to be leader!

(Next time I see you I'll tell you my favourite Razzle anecdote)