Monday, September 21, 2009

My Sunday Conference round-up

A slightly more relaxed day on Sunday after a busy Saturday. Much time spent wandering about and catching up with folk, including people I haven't seen for a while from my days campaigning in Leicester and my time in youth and student politics.

It has been a lovely few days weather wise and it has been nice to sit and chat.

Much of the talk is about the big tax and spend decisins the party is facing and particularly about tuition fees.

I did get along to the ALDC members' reception where we heard from both Vince and Nick. I also attended a very useful briefing for party trainers with Hilary Stephenson and Shaun Roberts. It is good to see that a lot of thought is going in to how we widen the reach of party training.

Finally it was off to the Blog Awards, hosted by those nice people at Lib Dem Voice.

It was very nice to put names to faces, including award winner Mark Thompson.

An attempted early night didn't go quite to plan as I bumped into party Chief Exec Chris Fox and Yorkshire & Humber Campaigns Officer Dave McCobb. Dave has been doing a lot of work with the Lib Dem team in my home town of Redcar and I had a very positive chat about their recent progress.

I'm still finding it a bit odd having all this time to chat to people but it's very enjoyable.


Chris and Glynis Abbott said...

Great speech Tuesday Neil. Well done.

Liberal Neil said...