Sunday, September 20, 2009

Nick's bonfire of the bureaucrats

Nick has this morning set out a clear plan to slash the cost of Government and is 100% right to do so.

Westminster, Whitehall and the numerous unproductive layers of regional red tape, quangos and agencies are bloated and major savings can and shuld be found.

Nick's plan will save £1.82 billion - a substantial amount and well worth having as a contribution to the savings we need to achieve.

Equally importantly the plan will reduce the army of civil servants and bureaucrats whose main role is to stifle innovation, interfere in local decision making and waste significant amounts of time of those trying to deliver public services around the UK.

These proposals also give the lie to Mr Cameron's rather half-hearted proposals which seemed to amount to making MPs pay a little more for their beer and sandwiches.

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