Saturday, March 26, 2005

Anne Milton: Nurse. Mother. Dipstick.

Is the excellent Tim Ireland website which analyses the Conservative Campaign in Guildford, Anne Milton being the Tory candidate there.

The Tories seem to be willing to stoop pretty low to try and win the seat back.

You can find the site at

I helped the excellent Sue Doughty a lot in the last election and have seen how hard she has worked since. Ms Milton will have to be pretty lucky to win this one.

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Chris Ward said...

Tories?? Stooping low?? Never ;)

As one of the new campaigners for Ms Doughty (unfortunately I was not in Guildford to witness the spectacular result in 2001), I can certainly say that she is set to increase her majority. This is further enhanced by the fact that she is a household name in Guildford, and many people of other political persuasions state that they may not like the Lib Dems, but they are impressed with the work Sue has done.

Guildford has finally hit the jackpot with a long-term hard-working MP, and it looks set to stay like that for a long time.