Thursday, March 10, 2005

Tax and spend

I see the Tories (and even Labour occasionally) continue to attack our tax policies, particularly Local Income Tax with shocking tales about how 'middle income' types will be worse off, alledgedly.

They then demonstrate this by showing how the average Headteacher, or households of several young professionals, would pay more than they do now.

Perhaps they ought to look at the IFS website (to which there is a useful link at and see where such people sit on the range of household incomes.

Without giving too much personal information away I was slightly surprised to see just how high up the income scale my household is. I would pay a bit more in LIT than I currently do in Council Tax.

Most households in my ward, families on incomes around or below national average, would pay a lot, lot less though. And quite rightly so.

One of the most shocking things about this Government is that after eight years those on the lowest incomes still pay a bigger share of their income in tax than those eanring the most. If Lib Dem policies move things just slightly in the other direction then this is a policy to be proud of.

And those who harp on about the losers should aquaint themselves with hte facts about what most households actaully live on. It's quite right that headteachers, and other households, in the top 10% of incomes should pay more.

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