Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Institutional racism

I watched tonight's BBC documentary about racism and intimidation in an Immigration 'Reception' Centre with a sense of sadness, unease and shame.

That this country's immigration system can allow such behaviour is shocking. The people in these centres have committed no crime, many have faced persecution in their home countries, and many will end up being allowed to stay.

And for a Government which claims that 'child protection' is one of its top priorities to allow any child to be locked up in such a place is utter hypocricy.

To think that a Labour Government is so concerned about out-flanking the Tories that they have allowed such a situation to develop is appalling.

But then this programme comes on the same day that the newspapers report comments by Government Minister Hazel Blears who apparantly thinks British Muslims should 'expect' to be discriminated against by the Police.

I feel ashamed that these things are happening in my country.

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