Thursday, March 10, 2005

Buy this book

No, don't worry, not another ALDC campaign manual of mine!

My very good friend from University days Mr Daniel Hall has just had his latest novel 'Killigrew and the Sea Devil' published under his pen name Jonathan Lunn.

This is the latest story in the Killigrew series which follows our hero in a seris of swashbuckling adventures that will appeal to lovers of Sharpe, Hornblower and the like.

If you read all his books you will even find a bit part character called 'Fawcett' crop up somewhere ;-)

I should think you can buy it via the Amazon link on the Lib Dem website, it was also on the shelves in Borders and Waterstones last time I looked. Well worth a read.

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cymrumark said...


Good to see you giveng the lad Dan a plug....the books really are a cracking good read and he now seems to have really hit his stride.....

BTW my blog is now on and there is a lib dem one as well as Tabman seems a good guy (and I may yet convert him to the righteous cause!) perhaps you can PM him on vote2005 with gossip etc ......

all the best to Sam and family