Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Lib Dems odds on to win Ealing Southall

Just a bit of fun:

Betfair have opened a market on the Ealing Southall by-election.

At present the Lib Dems are 8/13 on to win the seat.

Labour are current favourites at 1/5 on.

The Tories are languishing at 11/5 against.

(Note: I'm not encouraging anyone to bet - betting is generally a fools' game - it's always the bookies that win!)


betbetbet said...

betfair isn't a bookmakers in the conventional sense, in that punters never bet against the company, but rather each other. Of course betfair do take a small cut of the profits, but to say that betting is a fool's game when trading on the exchanges displays a certain level of ignorance.

Ian Ridley said...

Made a tidy sum at the Dundermline by-election on Betfair from over-confident Labour supporters by acting as their bookie!

You might think that I'd want to repeat the trick, I couldn't possibly comment.

BTW I ensure some of my profits are donated to the cause.