Thursday, July 05, 2007


Today I have mostly been sending emails to people who have offered to help at the Ealing and/or Sedgefield by-elections.

It has been a very positive experience, everyone from seasoned by-election helpers to new recruits are keen to help, and I know that the teams running both by-election HQs are delighted with the level of help they are getting.

So a big thank you from me to everyone who has been in touch.

If you can go to either by-election in person directions are available on the campaign websites for Ealing and Sedgefield.

You can just turn up - there will be plenty to do every day from now until polling day - and there will be a warm welcome too!

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David Nikel said...

I second that. I turned up in Ealing today unannounced from Sandwell - within 60 seconds I had a bundle of leaflets in my hand and two people requiring a lift ftom me to the other side of the constituency!