Thursday, July 12, 2007

The weekend - my top five

Haven't time to do a detailed posting about my 39th birthday weekend - but this is a truncated version in Top Five format:

5 A surprise birthday curry at Abingdon's finest Dil Raj restaurant on Friday evening.

4 Seeing the mighty Metallica at the new Wembley Stadium with my good friend Brian the Lion.

3 Enjoying some great live music and meeting both Paul Cornell and a Dalek with my younger two at the Faringdon Arts Festival.

2 The Key to Time DVD box set (well, a pre-order, it's not out yet) from Frankie (my eldest - knows her Whovian Dad well!).

1 A glorious bright pink birthday cake - mixed baked and decorated (in that way only an over-excited five year old could manage) by my beautiful youngest daughter, Emma.

And it wil be 39th birthdays for me from now on ...


Hywel said...

I am worried though what impact the UKTV Dr Who extravaganza this weekend will have on Ealing/Sedgefield :-)

Liberal Neil said...

Well I'm watching The Deadly Assassin shortly whilst simultaneously sending out emails to a long list of people.

So the campaign shouldn't suffer too much ;-)

BTW - you would have approved of the Metallica set - lots of early stuff and finished with Whiplash and Seek And Destroy.