Sunday, June 01, 2008

Abingdon is now wired

Great news for Abingdon residents and visitors as free wifi access was switched on yesterday.

Abingdon Town Council has worked with local IT company CTS to provide the service which it is hoped will roll out through the town as local businesses offer additional hubs.

Not only is this great news for Abingdon but it is also a great credit to my wife, Samantha, who has pushed the initiative through via the Council's website working group.

Our youngest, Emma, also had great fun helping to organise the Balloon Race which took place to promote the switch on.


Jock Coats said...

I'd like to hear more. And presumably you really mean "Abingdon is unwired"!

You may know I've been trying to get a project off the ground to produce a wireless mesh for the whole of Oxford and one of the options is to not build any infrastructure but piggy back on "members" own infrastructure with an accounts system that matches up subscribers to available bandwidth hosted by other subscribers.

I've now got a local educational charity looking to do a similar thing for the catchment area of the new academy and a couple of wireless networks specialists at Brookes interested in helping, so I wonder if CTS could handle such a thing rather than going to a more remote supplier.

Liberal Neil said...

I guess there must be some wires involved somewhere ;-)

Get in touch with CTS and ask - they seem very friendly and keen to expand their prescence locally.