Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Conservative confusion in Henley

Just been listening to the Radio Berkshire hustings for the Henley by-election.

The bit that stood out for me was when the Conservative candidate, John Howell, was challenged about whether the Tories were actually going to take legal action over the famous Lib Dem magazine as promised by David Cameron last week.

John Howell started by saying that Cameron hadn't specified that legal action would be on the magazine.

The show's host, who had done the actual Cameron interview in question, made clear that it was.

Howell then said that they were not pursuing legal action over the magazine but would be doing so over the Townlands Hospital leaflet.

This is the leaflet where we quoted the Chair and former Chair of the Save the Townlands Hospital Campaign as saying that they did not know John Howell or any campaigning he had done for the hospital campaign.

John Howell made the point that he was present at a meeting of the Oxfordshire Joint Health Overview & Scrutiny Committee which discussed Townlands.

Whether this degree of support is sufficient to warrant John Howell's claims that his support for the Townlands campaign is 'one of his proudest acheivements' is up to local electors to decide.

The people who ran the Save the Townlands campaign clearly don't believe so.

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