Friday, June 13, 2008

An opportunity for those of you bemoaning the lack of a by-election in Haltemprice & Howden

A lot of people seem to be very upset that they are not going to be able to travel to Humberside for the next few weekends to fight a by-election.

But worry not, help is at hand.

Here in Henley (which is much nearer to Taunton than Humberside!) we have piles of leaflets to deliver and large amounts of canvassing to do every day until June 26th.

Now I'm sure Taunton Deane Executive spent as much time planning who could come and help here and when as they did discussing the other by-election, but in case they need more details they can be found here.


Darrell G said...

It's not the lack of by-election that is the problem, it's the lack of principle in what the leadership did...given that I think it's a little chrulish to snipe at people with that point of view...

Liberal Neil said...

I'm not sniping at them for 'holding that point of view'.

Rather commeting on the amount of time some people seem to be spending discussing the by-election that we are not contesting compared to the amount of time they spend organising themselves to get to the one we are.

It's all very well contesting by-elections but we won't win them unless activists across the country mobilise themselves to go and help.