Sunday, June 01, 2008

Henley battle joined

Those of you listening to BBC Oxford or BBC Berkshire today will have heard me welcoming the selection of Cllr. John Howell as the Conservative candidate for the Henley by-election.

It is good that the Tories have selected their candidate, as it is always slightly odd when only one candidates is in the field.

But it also means we have an opportunity to highlight the gap between Tory spin on many issues and what they actually do in practice.

Just one example - we got our glossy County Council magazine through the door last week telling us how the County has achieved all the objectives it set for itself over the last year.

However there was no mention at all of the recent highly critical report into the County's failure to serve its young people across a range of services.

It looks like we face a highly negative campaign from the Conservatives against Stephen Kearney. (Most of their first leaflet is about him and our selection process!)

I'm gald to say that we will be campaigning on the issues that matter to local people, and the Conservative record locally.

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