Sunday, June 22, 2008

Cameron can stick this!

Yesterday I pointed out that David Cameron had been a little hypocritical when he said this about one of our campaign magazines:

"I just think this sort of campaigning is absolutely appalling and as you say no mention on the newspaper that it’s from the Liberal Democrats sort of pretending to be a community newspaper eh I mean they should be really ashamed of what they’re trying to do"

I pointed out on the regional BBC News that the Conservatives had delivered a magazine of their own earlier in the campaign.

Well guess what we've picked up today?

That's right - "South Oxfordshire Life" - a magazine distributed by - you guessed it - the Conservatives!

But wait - in a green circle in the corner it says that it is "FREE from your local Conservatives".

But hang on a mo' - is it printed on the magazine?


It is a sticker that has been stuck on!

Do I take it that the the Conservatives were planning their own magazine, but that following Dave's criticism of our magazine they had to stay up all night sticking stickers on every copy in order to avoid a charge of hypocrisy?

I do hope so ;-)

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Stephen Glenn said...

Certainly sounds like it to me.

Black calling black kettle rearrange at your leisure.