Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Charles Clarke gets more ridiculous by the second

New Labour has produced some ludicrous figures in its time - Mandelson and Blunkett to name but two. But can anyone claim to be quite as ridiculous as Charles Clarke?

The Labour Party is going down the pan due to 'Honest' T Blair's decision to accept secret loans to fund a bankrupt election campaign and who does Clarke decide to attack? The one bloke who appears to hold the only remaining shred of decency in the party.

Liberal Democrats - get thee to Norwich!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Happy Harrogate

Lovely weekend here in Harrogate. Snow on Friday, bright sunshine today.

Harrogate is my favorite conference venue. It is a lovely town with a warm northern welcome.

I came to my first conference her in 1987 - the last Liberal Assembly -when I camped in atent and lived on fringe meeting food.

I did my first conference speech here - opposing a woolly arts motion and being savaged by Bob MacLennan as a result. (Well - okay - perhaps 'savaged' is a bit strong)

I also well remember coming up to stay with Phil Willis many years ago to help produce his first constituency newspaper. He was very impressive. Wonder what happened to him ;-)

This weekend has been very positive. Those that were involved in the leadership contests have been able to relax, there is a very positive sense that we are now moving forward. With Ming as Leader, Chris Huhne's profile high and a talented top team we are set to do very well against Cameron's phoney liberalism.

Everyone is now focussed on the local elections in May with campaigners reporting a positive response on the doorstep across the country.

And it was nice to see so many other Lib Dem bloggers here too!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Going Underground

Add together two unhappy london doctors, Tim Ireland's hilarious use of Flash and a bit of Jam and you get this witty ditty about the joys of london transport.

Be warned - it does use rather uncouth language.