Monday, December 28, 2009

Dear Dave, thanks for your helpful message

It has been amusing to see some of the pithy repsonses from various Lib Dems to CallMeDave's seasonal message.

Personally I'm delighted that he has taken the time to help write some of my leaflets for me.

In constituencies like the one I live in, where we have a popular Lib Dem MP, it will be very useful to use CallMeDave's words to reassure wavering Tory voters.

There are a lot of people in seats ike this one who might be tempted to vote Tory this time because they beleive they need to to 'get Brown out'.

In response we will be working hard to persuade them to vote on the basis that their sitting MP is hard working and doing an effective job.

It will be helpful to be able to back up this message with CallMeDave's reassuring words that there is much common ground between the Lib Dems and the Conservatives. They therefore have nothing to fear about voting Lib Dem this time.

Similarly in seats where we are head to head with Labour and trying to squeeze the Tory vote, like in my home town of Redcar, we can use CallMeDave's word's to strengthen our squeeze message.

Thanks Dave!