Sunday, August 27, 2006

Best blogger

Gosh how exciting. Lib Dem bloggers are going to have their own equivalent of the the Oscars.

I struggle to find the time to post as often as I would like and usually find that someone else has said what I was going to say before I get round to it.

I admire those that do blog regularly and enjoy reading other people's thoughts. It's also nice to keep up with people I know like Iain Sharpe and Alex Wilcock and reassuring to know that I am not the only Doctor Who fanboy in the party;-)

I have nominated Stephen Tall's blog. Of all the blogs I enjoy reading, and there are a lot, it is the one that makes me think about why I believe what I believe and how to argue my case. Strikes me that that is exactly what a liberal blog should do. (He's also both witty and honest too).