Friday, October 12, 2007

Rushing about

Struggling to get much done this week after the hectic few weeks we had until Brown bottled it.

The highlight of my week was heading over to Wembley to see the excellent Rush.

I saw them a couple of years ago on their 30th anniversary tour and they were fantastic - playing a 'greatest hits' set.

This time they played a fair few tracks off the new 'Snakes and Arrows' album as well as plenty of old favourites.

So here's some new Rush:

And here's some old stuff too (with Liberals in mind):

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A Brixton break from election prep

An evening off last night (which was a shock to the system!) so go and see the mighty Incubus at the delightful Brixton Academy.

Originally planned as a treat for my eldest back in April the gig had been rescheduled following band member being injured.

Support band Puggy did a fine job and picked up a strong reaction. A lively stage prescence and a batch of interesting songs with influences ranging from spanish guitar to Muse, they went down very well with the Incubus crowd.

And Incubus? Well they're not a band I've heard a lot of, although what I had heard I'd liked. I ended up very impressed.

A very strong rock set - quite a range of styles - elements of RHCP, Pearl Jam, Seattle sound but also a number of very straightforward commercial rock songs.

Anyway ... back to the election ... but meanwhile, enjoy: