Friday, December 15, 2006

Justice for Gurkhas

As I was walking past Parliament yesterday I happened upon a large contingent of Gurkhas along with a few of my Lib Dem firends from Folkestone.

They are campaigning for the Government to honour a promise made two years ago to give equal rights to Gurkhas when they retire.

They have launched a petition to the Prime Minister on the whizzy new Downing Street petitions website.

I've signed it and would urge you to do so to.

Find out more about the issues here.

Friday, December 01, 2006

More h-tunes

Just listening to the latest h concert downlaoded from his nifty 'h-tunes' website.

This gig was recorded in Liverpool's Cavern Club on 1st March this year.

Just h and his piano singing a mix of his solo and marillion songs as well as a large selection of covers including beautiful vesrions of Wichita Lineman (his Dad's favourite song), Famous Blue Raincoat, Too Late and The Whole of the Moon.

h is clearly enjoying himself and sounds delighted to be performing at the home of The Beatles. He also covers Beatles numbers Help, Yesterday and Eleanor Rigby.

I never cease to be impressed by h's vocal ability. I can't wait for the London gig to be available. I had a front row seat at that one.

The other thing with these gigs is that all the between song chats are included - including one or two lengthy stories and bits of his life story.

Great stuff.

Common sense on Trident

I am delighted to see this very sensible policy being put forward by Ming Campbell and the Trident Policy Working Group.

Their proposal - to maintain Trident for the time being but cut the number of warheads - is a balanced approach to the current system and far more sensible than the Government's plan for an expensive replacement.

The lib Dem position sends out exactly the right signal to the rest of the world - that we are prepared to reduce our nuclear arsenal in line with international non-proliferation policy as we ask others to do the same.

The Government's attitude risks the UK (along with the US) telling the rest of the world - specifically Iran and North Korea - to do one thing while doing the opposite ourselves.

Teeside Tin Tin

I have rarely laughed as much as when I found these.

I don't know who did the voice but he doesn't half sound like my brother after a few ales.

WARNING: Contains lots of very bad language.