Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Olbermeister does it again

I was delighted to read that Keith Olbermann's contract with MSNBC has been renewed for another cycle.

MSNBC in general, and Keith Olbermann specifically, have had a real impact during the last few years in rebalancing US news following an unhappy period when FOX dominated the airwaves.

Keith's best moments have been his Special Comments - hard-hitting straight to camera statements on issues of the day. On several occaisions he has taken Bush to pieces, and this time he has nailed those who support the ban on gay marriage in California and other states.

It's very emotional, very strong and very clear, and answers anyone who doesn't beleive there are real liberals in the US:

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

History is made

Well he's done it!

Possibly the most historic US Presidential result of all time, and he'll take office almost exactly 100 years after the founding of the National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People.

This could radically change the perception of race across the US and of the US across the globe.

Let's hope so.

In the meantime, another beer, in celebration ;-)

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

How long would you wait in line to vote?

It seems pretty bizarre to me that the wealthiest country in the world doesn't seem able to organise itself to run an election properly - but such is the enthusiam generated by the campaign this time that it doesn't seem to be stopping folk from voting.

The Obama campaign have done a terrific job of making his supporters want to get out and vote for him, as the polling of early voters shows.

Such is the enthusiasm that 1,000 students in Pennsilvania were queuing up at 7am this morning ready to vote!

CNN's Jack Cafferty asked viewers how long they would stand in line to vote and I found the responses quite inspiring.

Amongst my favorites were:

Michelle from New Hampshire:

I am prepared and willing to wait all day. I have cleared my calendar to make sure I can spend the whole day. And the time I don’t spend waiting or voting, I will spend poll watching and holding signs. This is far too important not to make a personal sacrifice to make sure my vote counts. And, as an Army wife, one day of work loss is meaningless compared to the days my husband has and will spend on deployment. To all within the sound of your voice: Get out and vote!

LaShunda from Mobile, Alabama:

I am seven months pregnant and standing for long periods of time hurts my back tremendously, but in spite of my pain I plan on standing in line as long as it takes to exercise my right to vote, especially when those before me endured even greater hardships to have this right.

Joe St Louis, MO:

I have been waiting 8 years to vote…….

And this comment from a Candian reflects my own view:

Marie, Ontario:

Well Jack I’ve been voting here in Canada for over 40 years and can’t remember more than a half dozen people being in front of me in a line to vote.

This makes me wonder how a country that can send a man to the moon can’t organize and run elections without having so much turmoil and such lengthy delays at the polls.

Anyway to answer your question if I was an American I would wait all day and half the night to cast my vote for Obama as I feel it is just that important.

Well it rained, and it hailed, and it was freezing and windy but ...

Well we're now back from Cornwall after a largely cold, wet and windy week.

We were staying just on the edge of Bodmin Moor but because of the weather didn't get the chance for any proper walks there.

But despite the weather we had a great time.

Amongst other things we visited the lovely Tintagel and its castle, the Arthurian Centre near Camelford, Bodmin, the Eden Project, Padstow, the famous Jamaica Inn, Landhydrock House, Flambards Experience (the wettest and clodest visit to a theme park ever but with a fantastic end of season fireworks display), Healey's Cyder Farm, Futureworld, Lizard Point and Westward Ho!.

We also happened upon a very friendly Post Office in a lovely village called St Brewards which also has an internet cafe and hosts several other village activities - do visit it if you're in the area - they do a lovely mocha. (There is a lively campaign to 'save the Post Office' even though it isn't currently on the threatened list).

Everywhere we went we got an exceptionally friendly welcome and all the places we visisted were well geared up for children.

We rounded the week off with a fancy dress halloween party at Michaelstow Manor Holiday Park where we were staying.

We now have a list of just as many other places to visit that we couldn't get to this time and are planning to head back as soon as we can.