Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A Brixton break from election prep

An evening off last night (which was a shock to the system!) so go and see the mighty Incubus at the delightful Brixton Academy.

Originally planned as a treat for my eldest back in April the gig had been rescheduled following band member being injured.

Support band Puggy did a fine job and picked up a strong reaction. A lively stage prescence and a batch of interesting songs with influences ranging from spanish guitar to Muse, they went down very well with the Incubus crowd.

And Incubus? Well they're not a band I've heard a lot of, although what I had heard I'd liked. I ended up very impressed.

A very strong rock set - quite a range of styles - elements of RHCP, Pearl Jam, Seattle sound but also a number of very straightforward commercial rock songs.

Anyway ... back to the election ... but meanwhile, enjoy:

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