Friday, July 04, 2008

Iron Maiden, Dr Who and being 40

I'm very excited about seeing Iron Maiden tomorrow. I think it will be about the 15th time I've seen them in 21 years and they never fail to rock like b***ards.

I also hope to hook up with a few of my rock loving mates which should make it even better.

This does mean I'll miss the final episode of this (excellent) season's Dr Who - but I'm sure the kids will record it for me and I'll watch it as soon as I get home.

I think I've been watching the good doctor for 35 years now and I still get excited by it. I was watching the excellent Inferno (3rd doctor) last night.

And then on Sunday I'm 40.


Are 40 year olds supposed to get so excited about heavy metal bands and sci-fi?

Who cares!


Hywel said...

"Are 40 year olds supposed to get so excited about heavy metal bands and sci-fi?"

Don't see why not - enjoy your birthday :-)

Jock Coats said...

Go for it...

I went to what I think was the first Cornbury Festival where Blondie was headlining just after some bloke called Will Young.

It was quite amusing to see all the dads clearly bored to tears by this Young chap suddenly throw all their kids out of the way and go bouncing up to the stage to worship Ms Harry, who, let's face it, looked as if she was probably fifty when those dads worshipped her the first time round!

What is clearly more embarrassing is these "Fathers Day" compilations now including the likes of Wham! and Yazoo

Happy birthday. Life begins.

Richard Gadsden said...

Happy Birthday Neil. I think people born in 1968 are supposed to get excited about heavy metal bands and sci-fi, even if 1968 is 40 years ago now.

Liberal Neil said...

Thanks Guys!

Blondie still does it for me ;-)