Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Stephen Fry says vote for Evan Harris

Evan Harris has had sone high profile endorsments during the campaign: Ben Goldacre, Dr Simon Singh and Richard Dawkins, to name but three.

And now Stephen Fry has urged 'Oxonians and Abingdonians' to back Evan saying:

On one front alone I would absolutely urge you to vote LibDem and that is if you live in the Oxford West and Abingdon constituency. Your incumbent member, now under threat because of boundary changes, is Evan Harris MP, far and away the most persuasive and impressive parliamentarian in the cause of good and open science and enquiry that we have had in the past decade. He has been central to mould-breaking and inspirational multiparty cooperation in issues of scientific concern since 1997. It seems to me (almost!) that he should be elected unopposed like the Speaker. If you have any interest in the promotion of science and evidence based policy-making and a voice to oppose superstition, religious vested interest and new age nonsense, then do check him out and get those Oxonian Abingdonians working for his re-election.


HanPlans said...

If you are in the correct area.

I have Patrick Hall (Lab), Henry Vann (Lib Dem) or Richard Fuller (Conservative) to choose from to be honest even then I'm not sure who to choose.

Henry Vann is 6 weeks younger than me and tbh I'm not sure if he has enough experience to be a local politician. My mum's friend made a comment about something to do with in comparison to the other candidate he was still in nappies

Duncan Stott said...

I'm still grinning wildly :D

Duncan said...

Good news on Fry! I totally agree re:Evan; one of my favourite parliamentarians.

@Han - I don't know Patrick but Henry's a fantastic guy. While he might lack experience 'of the world' he's got a lot of experience of Bedford politics and I can certify his liberal ideological credentials; he's young but he's not a naif. All I'll say is that David Steel was one of the youngest MPs ever elected and he turned out pretty damn good. I'd vote for Henry and encourage other people to do the same.

Anonymous said...

A lot is made of Dr Harris' scientific credentials. Do you know how he would vote with respect to a badger cull?
Nick Clegg has previously called for one:


But as he and know doubt yourself know there is no compelling evidence that a badger cull would help with control of bTB.
Would Dr Harris stick to his scientific principles and vote against his leader?

Jennie Rigg said...

Actually, I'd like an answer to that question too please, Neil. It's something I feel pretty strongly about.

Liberal Neil said...

I am not sure what Evan's position is on the badger cull. As far as i know it hasn't come up here. IF I get the chance to ask him today I will, but things are pretty hectic so I'm afraid i can't guarantee it.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to Dr Harris answer. Assuming he does get re-elected it would be interesting to know not only his opinion of the Badger Cull. But how he would vote on any issue where the science evidence contradicts his party's line

Anonymous said...

All rather academic now, isn't it?
Stephen Fry prattles on about "science" and then gives the real game away at the end. It's actually about religious hatred. Fry's seething hatred and contempt for all religion and people of faith is a matter of public record. Clearly he thinks Evan Harris as an MP supported that agenda.
An Oxonian/Abingdonian who thinks for himself

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