Friday, October 14, 2011

Fox on the Run

Always was a favourite of mine :-)

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Paul Walter said...

Thank you Neil. I had thought of posting a link to the same tune but got carried away with other things. It was that phase in Sweet's life when they tried to put their glam "Ballroom Blitz" period somewhat behind them and turn to things a little heavier. "Action" was another track in that same period.
Brain Connolly and Mick Tucker in the same band as Ian Gillan originally, which gives you some idea why they tried to get a bit heavier.
What always amazes me, with a mixture of sadness and poignancy, is how someone who was so good looking as Brian Connolly, with such a fine voice, could have been reduced to such a terrible state and an early death. It really is heart breaking to see the videos again.