Wednesday, November 02, 2011

The Government's extremely generous public sector pensions offer in full

The Government has today set out its very generous revised public sector pensions offer.
The long term savings from this scheme will come from the switch from a final salary to an average salary approach - hitting the highest earners - and from workers working for as many years as those in the private sector and most (but not the low paid) paying slightly higher contributions.

The Government is also protecting those who are near to retirement.

This proposed scheme is far, far more genrous than the vast majority of private sector workers have access to.

A quick comparison:

I contribute 10% of my gross income and on current projections (which are less ecure than a government pension scheme) expect this to provide a pension at the equivalent of about 23% of my career average salary.

In comparison a teacher on a similar career average income will contribute 9.6% of their income and end up receiving a pension of about 63% of that salary.

If any public sector employee thinks they are getting a raw deal from the Government I am more than happy to swap pension arrangements with them.

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Jock Coats said...

The propaganda going out during the UNISON ballot process however did not make any of this clear. I might need to book holiday and welch out on 30th November!