Saturday, September 23, 2006

Battles in Time

Son Jimmy, 8, has been suffering with a rather nasty insect bite which got infected.

As a result he has been on anti-biotics all week and I had to take him to the doctors yesterday to have it lanced. (Imagine his disapointment when this didn't involve a man on a horse charging at him!).

I was therefore obliged to buy him a copy of the first edition on the latest Doctor Who merchandise - Battle in Time - for being such a brave little soldier.

This is a series of trading cards which arrive each fortnight with a magazine. (Trading cards are a bit like Top Trumps but there are more of them and they run at a level of sophistication that only 8-12 years olds will ever understand.) The magazine also included an excellent poster with daleks on it and a list of all the cards so that you can tick them off when you get them.

The next two issues come with a Tardis shaped box to keep them in and if you opt for the 4-issues-at-a-time subscripiton offer you get a whole pile of freebies as well.

Doctor Who merchandising was never this exciting when I was 8!

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Ryan said...

Has he finished yet? My slight obsessive nature meant that WHSmiths ran out of cards as soon as a box arrived, and that eBay became important to my life.
However I discovered that people are paying good money for the freebies you get with the subscription.
Sometimes it's hard to believe that I'm 25, but my mate is 33 and is even worse.