Saturday, September 30, 2006

Cameron fails the substance test

Britain's leading anti-Cameron daily gleefully reports that Labour have caught back up in the latest YouGov poll.

More worryingly for the Tory leader are some of the detailed findings of the poll which show that his lack of substance is starting to show. 60% agree with the statement 'David Cameron talks a good line but it is hard to know whether there is any substance behind the words'.

I'm not surprised by this, as, having met David a few times myself, I thought it would become obvious to people at some point that, while he is a genuinly nice bloke, there isn't much political depth there at all.

What I am surprised by is just how quickly the general public have twigged him.

And that is a real problem for the Tories.

Their stratgey is clearly to change the public perception of them, soften the image, make them appear united, modern, non-extreme.

However if they instead start to look shallow, all spin no substance etc. they will fail to re-estabish the trust they are seeking.

Whether or not this poll will be repeated, or their own conference gives them a bounce back, is yet to be seen. but to an extent it is irrelevant. What matters is the view that the general public have of Cameron. And that means he is now in trouble.


peter said...

Are they having random drug tests on Tory leaders now?

Liberal Neil said...

Wondered how long it would take for someone to completely misinterpret the completely innocent headline ;-)

Joe Otten said...

which innocent headline?

A liberal dose?