Monday, September 25, 2006

Gosh there are a lot of you

Last week, following a brief chat with Lib Dem Blogger of the Year, Oxford City Council Finance Champion and pin up Cllr Stephen Tall, I installed a clever widget from those nice people at StatCounter I am now finding out how many people visit this blog.

Having thought that my blog was only really read by a few Lib Dem mates, a couple of friends from Uni days and some slightly bemused members of my close family I have been very surprised at the number of visitors this blog gets.

The vast majority come through the excellent Lib Dem Blogs site and the rest through a variety of interesting searches (a number of whom must end up very disappointed when they get here!) A fair proportion seem to come back too.

Anyway, thank you for visiting. I hope you find my ramblings at least vaguely interesting. Do feel free to comment - I don't get enough of those - and most of the ones I do get seem to come from various furry animals.


Pink Dog said...

Oi! I saw that last sentence, grr...

Liberal Neil said...

Woof, bark, bark, woof, woof ;-)

(Translates as - 'I don't mind comments from furry animals, I'd just like a few more from humans as well ;-))