Monday, September 25, 2006

I suspect they're not reading it very carefully

A further development in the child car safety saga.

An email has arrived from the mysterious 'TJN for Terry Deere':

*From:* "Terry Deere" <>
*To:* <neilfawcett>

Neil Fawcett

Thanks for this.

Our FAQs explain that there is an exception thatapplies for a child aged 3 years above travelling in the back who mayuse an adult seat belt (ie no need to use a child seat/booster) when twooccupied child seats/boosters prevent the use of a third.

For when the car is not full, there is nothing to prevent a child up to135 cms in height travelling in the front seat (save one using arear-facing baby seat against an active air-bag) provided it uses thecorrect child seat/booster.

But please consult the car handbook (eachcar will differ) regarding children and air-bags (if fitted). We strongly recommend that you follow that advice - air-bags are powerfuland deserve respect.

TJN for Terry Deere
Dept for Transport
Road User Safety Branch 2
zone 2/11
Great Minster House
76 Marsham Street

Which, as those of you following the saga will know, fails to answer the original question.

I have replied thus:

Dear TJN for Terry Deere,

Yes. I read that.

The situation I am trying to get across is that if we put two booster seats into the back of the car then there isn't enough room for the third child, or my wife, to fit in the back seat.

I would like your advice about what to do in OUR situation, not the various situations on your website, none of which apply.

Neil Fawcett.

Meanwhile the children remain in imminent danger.

(Well, other than for the fact that I haven't taken them anywhere in the car yet.)

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