Thursday, September 21, 2006

Tall the Tart

There's no stopping Lib Dem Blogger of the Year and Oxford City Council Finance boss Stephen Tall.

After a week of media coverage I'm now listening to him on the World at One, giving us his response to Ming's speech.

Not only that but he was on first before Party President Simon Hughes!


Tristan said...

Stephen Tall for President? ;)

MatGB said...

Stephen Tall for President? ;)

Works for me, he came across really well I thought. I like the way Radio 4 has been covering the conferences, interviewing Alex, Barrie and Stephen that I heard, much better than the random vox pops of people you'd never heard of that you used to get.

Wonder how many names we can recognise from the Tory and Labour events. Um, will they find a Labour blogger?

Stephen Tall said...

Thanks guys :-)

It's been interesting the way the press - broadcast and print - have latched onto bloggers. Much easier for them, I guess (and much more fun for me, come to that).