Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Emporer Has No Clothes

Therer's little I like more than seeing people point out that The Emporer Has No Clothes.

Congratulations then to Harriet Yeo for doing nothing more than pointing out the truth to Mr Blair.

It is difficult to bring up children, particularly teenagers, and wise politicians will bear this in mind before pronouncing on the subject.

Labour Minister John Hutton was also mouthing off recently about single parents.

The gist of his comments were that, on average, children living with two parents are lijkely to do better than those brought up by one. In particular they are a lot less likely to live in relative poverty.

Well durr...

Does we really need a politician to tell us that households with two adults in them are likely to have a higher income, on average, than those with one?

Or that single parents might find it harder to hold down a full time job than two parent households?

Seems pretty obvious to me that that would be the case.

What Hutton then went on to say was that there is not actually that much the Government can do about it.

Which makes me question why there is any value in raising the issue in the first place.

Surely it wasn't because he was chasing headlines in the right wing press like this?

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