Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Well done Stephen

I was delighted to attend the first ever Lib Dem Bloggers Reception on Sunday and to see Stephen Tall win the first Lib Dem Blog of the Year contest.

Stephen happens to be sitting next to me blogging away (or perhaps doing hard sums on behalf of the City Council) as I write this.

I am very glad I nominated him and his victory is well-deserved.

It was nice to meet so many other LD bloggers at the reception and to hear the very interesting contributions from Lynne, Mark, Alex and Rob.


Alex Wilcock said...

Thanks, Neil!

But what did poor Russell's speech do to offend you? ;-)

I am sitting right behind you. Not that this blogging lark is in any way incestuous.

Liberal Neil said...

Russell didn't offend - but I was heading for the free real ale next door at that point ;-)