Friday, September 15, 2006

New entry at number one

Congratulations to Lib Dem Voice for topping Iain Dale's list of the 100 top ten Lib Dem blogs.

As the discussions that have already started show there is huge potential for the site to become a real gathering point for Lib Dem debate.

The opportunity to have an accessible online private forum is also long overdue.

Along with Lib Dem Blogs Aggregated we've got a pretty good web prescence to build from.

A Liberal Dose is 64 in the list, which, given my infrequent blogging, I'll take as a compliment!


Norfolk Blogger said...

Neil, why should Iain Dales opinion matter at all. His own political judgement is fatally flawed, his blog contains lies (he has lied about me in the past in his nasty and vitriolic campaign in North Norfolk), but yet Lib Dems laud him as some sort of genius.

Liberal Neil said...

I don't think anyone has 'lauded him as some kind of genius'.

Many of us took great delight in his whacky self delusional postings on his own and various other websites in the run up to and during the last election and his eventual crash and burn at the hands of Norman 'Crusher' Lamb and his most excellent campaign team.

However - credit where it's due - he has been one of the key people in the development of political blogging and has given a fair deal of coverage to a lot of Lib Dem blogging in the process.