Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Last Lost

Tonight sees the final two episdoes of the second series of the excellent Lost.

I've followed this series from the beginning, and due being able to watch the following episdoe on E4 have only missed one or two episodes.

(The life of a Campaigns Officers generally makes it hard to follow a weekly series)

I love the general Prisoner like spookiness and the various plot twists and developments.

I think tonights episodes are going to be good, and we will probably find out a lot about the 'others'. But I bet there will be an almighty cliffhanger to lead into series 3!


Ryan said...

Having already seen the last two episodes, one comment could spoil your night, however I won't. They are both great and will leave you wanting to watch season 3.

Liberal Neil said...

Well I really enjoyed tonight's episodes.

Every time you think a storyline is going to resolve itself they open up a new one.

That Henry is a bit weird, isn't he!